ARISE Conference '16

Hear Our Voices

Every voice carries life. There are supernatural seeds in the words we speak. Voices shape the future through confessions and declarations. When a heart is full of faith, the voice is full of power.

Just as an orchestra or a choir joins together to make an amplified sound, with one voice, we can offer up a unified sound of worship to our God. It is our prayer that together we would touch heaven.

Where there is unity, God says there will be blessing. Let us gather together to seek His face, declaring his goodness over the nation of New Zealand. When we come to Him in reverence and expectation,


For the Church of New Zealand

Brian Houston


Brian Houston is known worldwide as a speaker of life who declares that 'the best is yet to come'. As the Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, he is highly regarded for his boldness, innovation and vision. He is well respected for his passion for the cause of Christ and the local church, and for preaching messages that change mindsets and ministries.

Chris Durso

Christ Tabernacle Church, USA

Chris Durso is a next generation pastor at Misfit NYC and oversees the youth and young adult ministry of Christ Tabernacle Church. He is passionate about changing people’s perception on life so they can see that God is freedom and not religion or law. This divergent way of thinking has set him apart as a communicator and positioned him to reach this generation of creators, thinkers and misfits in a way that the church has never seen before.

Jentezen Franklin

Free Chapel, Georgia

Jentezen is an inspirational speaker and powerful communicator of the word of God. His ministry has impacted generations through various global outreaches, and he continues in the pursuit of helping people to encounter God through relevant application of the bible and inspired worship.

Paul de Jong


Paul de Jong is the Senior Pastor of LIFE NZ. He speaks from a personal revelation of the word and challenges people to grow in their relationship with God. From leadership, church life, worship, personal development and business, Paul has the ability to speak into many areas of the wider body of Christ. Paul is committed to developing church leadership to reach its full potential.

John Cameron

ARISE Church, NZ

John Cameron is a powerful preacher and influential leader with an exceptional ability to impart faith and vision into hearts. John, with his wife Gillian are the leaders and founders of ARISE Church in New Zealand and they are influencing churches and leaders across New Zealand and the world. He is passionate about building the local church, and knows with all his heart that the church is the hope of the world.

Gillian Cameron

ARISE Church, NZ

Gillian Cameron is a dynamic minister of the word of God with a sharp prophetic edge and a vibrant joy. Her authority and keen ability to impart the Holy Spirit will move your heart and impact your life. Gillian has a great love for people and the church is the passion of her life. With a heart to see people released into their call and walk in complete freedom, her ministry will inspire you to live life to the full.

TSB Bank Arena
July 21 - 23 2016
Wellington, NZ

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  • Crochet - Adult


  • Quaver - Highschooler


  • Semiquaver - Child


  • Cluster - Family



Wherever we meet with true hearts reverently to worship God, that place becomes for the time being God’s house.

Charles Spurgeon

ARISE Conference
is for the whole family

  • ARISE Conf
    All Ages

    ARISE Conference exists for the Church of New Zealand. The heart of this conference is to inspire, equip and empower every person and church across this great nation. Be part of this national gathering as hundreds of churches come together to glorify the name of Jesus.

  • Get Smart
    Intermediates & High Schoolers

    Get Smart is going to be an awesome time as teenagers gather together for three days in God’s presence. Get Smart has amazing international guest speakers, epic tribal wars tournaments as well as brilliant hangouts pre and post service. We know you will encounter God and have the time of your life.

  • Glow Kids
    Children 1 - 12yrs

    Glow Kids is so much fun as kids get to know Jesus in a fresh and inspiring way – held onsite at the TSB Arena, in the Shed 6 venue. Your children will be right next door to you, all while having an amazing time in God’s presence and making great friends!


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